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Box 269, 311 23 Falkenberg

Mon-Fri 7-22
Sat, Sun & holiday 8-22.
Tel. 0771-33 10 30

Mon-Fri 8-17
Tel. 0346-712 500


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Hallandstrafiken, Box 269, 31123 Falkenberg, Sweden

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Halland’s largest organiser of public transport! 

Hallandstrafiken AB is the organisation responsible for public transport in the county of Halland, with the business of offering people and visitors attractive travelling opportunities at competitive rates.

Each year we arrange approx. 16 million journeys within the county, and this makes us Halland’s largest organiser of public transport. Our daily efforts also include being the best!

Our town buses are continuously providing good services to Halmstad, Falkenberg and Varberg. More than 1,000 people in Halland commute every day to and from their work in - and outside - Halland. This is made possible thanks to our deal with SJ to commute on the Västkustbana.

We also arrange journeys for school children, the disabled, the elderly and others in need of special collective services. Hallandstrafiken is responsible for the mobility services in the towns of Laholm, Halmstad, Falkenberg and Varberg.

Our Customer Service is responsible for making appointments for mobility services and hospital journeys as well as for traffic information every weekday 7 am – 22 pm,
other days 8 am – 22 pm.