Below you find some good advice and tips on how to make your traveling easier.


20 years of age and above must pay the adult price. Two children (0-6 years old) travel for free when they are accompanied by a paying adult. All travelers below 20 years of age purchase a child ticket.


Depending on space, you may bring a bike on trains and regional buses. The bike needs its own ticket and the same price applies as for children. On city buses you may not bring a bike.



If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at:
Phone: 0771-33 10 30 (Mon-Fri 7-22, Sat-sun 8-22)

Hand luggage

Hand luggage of reasonable size and which can be handled easily may be transported under the seat, in your lap, on the luggage rack or in other designated area if it does not create trouble for your fellow travelers.

Lost property

Please leave found objects to the driver or staff on board. If you have forgotten something on board you will find contact information to lost and found things at

Mina sidor (= “My pages”)

At Mina sidor you can top up the travel card with travel funds or with a season ticket, buy a new travel card, keep track of your balance and travel history, and take advantage of our lost-card guarantee. In addition to the above services you can also take part in competitions and get information about what is going on with  public transport in the area you live. Becoming a member is free of charge and without any other obligations.

Mobile Ticket

With our mobile app you have your own ticket machine in your pocket and you pay with a debit card, invoice or Swish. Look for the best route, see stops on map and see the departure times from chosen bus stop. 
The mobile ticket is valid for travel in Halland and for travel to surrounding counties. Send a text message with the text ”HLT” to 0730-125 250, and you will get a link to download the app. In order to download the app a Swedish mobile subscription is required.

Music and sound

Feel free to play games on your phone, listen to music or audiobooks on board, but please do it in such a way that it does not interfere with or disturb your fellow travelers.

No cash

All buses in the county of Halland are cash-free. On Krösatågen, Västtåg and Öresundtåg you are welcome to pay with cash.

Own food

You may bring your own food, but it should only be eaten on board if it does not disturb other passengers or cause damage to vehicles.


You may bring dogs and other pets for free if it is done without inconvenience to your fellow travelers. The pets should be placed in a specially marked space. Animals must not be placed directly on seats. 


Our retailers can sell and top up the travel card with your desired ticket. Here you can also buy your ticket in connection to your trip.


No smoking (incl. e-cigarettes) allowed on our buses, trains, stations, at waiting rooms and in weather protection areas.


You may bring a stroller or a pram for free upon availability. The stroller should be placed in the designated place and secured with the  devices on board. A stroller used for any purpose other than transporting children needs to be paid for (ticket for child).

Ticket control

Hallandstrafiken carries out regular checks on all vehicles, thus you should always be able to show a valid ticket. If you travel with an age discounted ticket you must be able to present a valid ID. Anyone who is unable to produce a valid document is required by law to pay a surcharge of currently SEK 1 000. 

Ticket machines

In each ticket machine in Halland, you can easily buy tickets and top up the travel card with travel funds or with a season ticket.


For traveling within zones there is free transition within the period of validity of your ticket. When traveling across several zones there is free transfer from and to the zone within the period validity of the ticket.   When traveling with a pre-paid one-way ticket a  transfer can be done an hour before/after the given departure and arrival time of the ticket.

Weekend Traffic

Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, Easter Eve, Whitsun Eve (night befpore the seventh Sunday after Easter) and Midsummer eve is served as a Saturday

Note! At Christmas Eve the traffic runs only until 17.00, except for a few trains. See Travel Planner for details.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, Epiphany day (jan 6), Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, May 1, Ascension Day, June 6, Whit sunday, Midsummer Day and all saints day is served as a Sunday.

Thirteenth Day Evening, Maundy Thursday and Walpurgis Night (30 April) is served as the day it falls onto.

Wheelchair and walker

You may bring a wheelchair, power wheelchair or Zimmer frame stroller for free upon availability. The wheelchair and the Zimmer frame stroller should be placed in the designated place.


We have divided the county of Halland in 27 zones. The more zones you travel through the higher the cost. Maximum charge is reached at 19 zones in Halland if you travel by a one-way ticket or travel funds, and 11 or a maximum of 6 zones if you travel with a season ticket.