All tickets can be paid by Travel Card travel funds, which gives you a 15 percent discount on single-ticket purchases. Travel funds can be topped up with a minimum of 100 kr and topped up further by even hundreds.

Single tickets can be issued for your entire trip, even for trips that take you over the county border to Gothenburg, Malmö and abroad to Copenhagen. All travelers who are 20 or older must get an adult ticket. If you are younger than 20 years you must get a child ticket. Don’t forget to declare this when purchasing your ticket.

A Duo/Family ticket is valid for a maximum of five people including a maximum of two adults. It is not possible to include more passengers than five. The ticket is not family bound, meaning that it also applies to groups. The cost is 90 percent of the price of two adult tickets.

A 24-hour-ticket for travel by urban and regional-bus services within the urban area is available in either Varberg, Falkenberg or Halmstad. The ticket is valid for 24 hours from its first use and is set out on a travelcard. The cost is 50 kr.


Season ticket

If you travel often it is better to get a season ticket. All our season
tickets are impersonal. That means you can share it with, for example, family members or friends, but only one of you
can travel at a time.

We have season tickets that will give you access to all modes of transport, but also season tickets that give you access to a limited extent. Contact a customer service center or a retailer for more information on which season ticket that suit your travel needs.