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Information about Corona

Hallandstrafiken and the Coronavirus

Hallandstrafiken continuously monitors the development of the situation and follows the advice and recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and other authorities. It is important that we all do what we can to reduce the risk of the spreading of the disease. Together we can make a difference.

General public transportation – buses and trains

This is what Hallandstrafiken does:

  • All traffic goes according to the ordinary timetable. We have not made any adjustments to the schedule, despite the great reduction in numbers of passengers. This helps prevent the risk of overcrowding.
  • Back-up busses will be put in where they are most greatly needed. Bus lines that have been affected by overcrowding, and where there are lesser options (lesser amount of departures) are prioritized. The back-up busses may look different to our normal busses, but the sign will be the same as usual.
  • We revise, each week, which bus lines have been affected by overcrowding and we add them on a list on our website, so that you can decide for yourself if you want to take a certain departure or not.
  • The front doors of the busses are closed and the seats closest to the driver are sealed off. Get on the bus by using the doors at the back of the bus and buy your ticket before getting onboard.
  • Ticket controllers check so that everyone has a ticket. This is to make sure that people do not take the bus because they think it is free of charge. This only causes overcrowding on the busses.
  • The bus companies clean the busses more often.

Important advice to you as a passenger:

  • Refrain from travelling if you feel ill.
  • If you belong to one of the risk groups, we recommend that you don’t travel with us until further notice.
  • Consider if you really need to travel by bus or train. Consider working from home or take the bike or walk instead if you can.
  • Avoid traveling during rush hour between 6.00-8.30am and 3.00-6.00pm.
  • Keep a distance from other passengers.
  • If the bus/train is full, please respect this and take the next one.
  • No tickets are sold on the busses. Buy/activate your ticket before getting onboard to avoid the risk of getting fined.





What actions has Hallandstrafiken taken regarding the coronavirus?

Hallandstrafiken travel services (trips for special needs, health care, school busses and call controlled traffic) takes the situation with Covid-19 very seriously. Hallandstrafiken follows the progress carefully as well as the development of new recommendations from the authorities.

What should I, as a passenger, think about?

Taking yourself and others who need to travel with our service trips, into consideration, we ask you to kindly follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

  • Follow the recommendations given by Vårdguiden 1177 (Swedish health guidance service) when needing to travel with health care service transportation.
  • If you belong to a risk group and are over the age of 70 years or you are ill, the Public Health Agency recommends that you stay home. Think therefore very carefully about if you really must travel with our service trips during the current situation.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often. Cough and sneeze in the bend of your arm.
  • Keep a distance as much as possible


We do our uttermost, together with the passenger transport companies, to ensure you as safe a journey as possible under the prevailing circumstances. In order for us to do that, we ask you to take responsibility and abide by the recommendations from the Public Health Agency. 

How do you clean your vehicles?

Our passenger transport companies carry out necessary precautionary measures in the form of extra thorough cleaning. The drivers are using gloves more often than before and even hand cleaning solutions.

Certain special needs vehicles may be equipped with protective equipment, like for example a transparent plastic shield at the drivers seat.

Can I still travel with a health care service trip if I have Covid-19 or show symptoms of the virus?

If you have, according to the health care/doctors, Covid-19 or if the symptoms you have are so apparent that you need to be tested, you will not be allowed to travel with our travel services. This is to prevent the spread of Covid-19 both to the driver but also to passengers. If you have symptoms you will need to contact the health care line, 1177 for more information on what you should do.

Passengers who belong to a risk group but do not show symptoms, may be encouraged by the health care to go and get tested as a preventive measure.

How many other passengers will I be traveling with?

Starting on Monday the 6th of April, passengers traveling with health care and special needs transportation, will be the only passenger in the vehicle. This is due to the continuous spreading of the Coronavirus and the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the contagious disease control institute in the Region of Halland. This means that passengers book their journey as per usual but travel alone. These recommendations do not affect other travel services such as call controlled traffic, local traffic, school busses etc. In these cases the same precautions as before apply.

What does solo travel mean for me as a passenger?

Traveling solo means that there is only yourself, your guide if you have one, and the driver in the vehicle.

This new recommendation that we are to follow, will be introduced successively starting on Monday the 6th of April. It means that new bookings will be booked as a solo trip. For passengers who are eligible for solo trips and who have booked before this date, these bookings will be changed successively to solo trips, at the latest by the 20th of April.

For passengers who are in a category which is exempt of the solo traveler recommendation and who have already booked, your booking will remain the same but with the same measures taken as before where travelling with others has been limited to two people per car or two people or more in a special mini bus for wheelchairs. For taxis taking children to school, mainly to schools for children with special needs, there may be more than two passengers at the same time.

Longer waiting time than usual is to be expected which is due to the same number of vehicles doing more trips as solo travel vehicles. Health care and special needs transportation makes for the greater part of our travel services. Please book your journey back at the same time as you book your outbound journey which is especially important if you don’t have anywhere safe to wait.

We hope that you, as the customer, can overlook and understand the situation as these precautions have been taken for your health and safety. We follow the advice given buy the Public Health Agency and therefore changes may be made at short notice, so please keep an eye out on our website and on our Facebook page for the latest information.

Can I still sit in the front seat?

Passengers will be kindly asked to travel in the back seats in order to provide the driver with a safe working environment, to prevent the driver from being infected and from the driver infecting others.

Passengers who hold a special permit and must sit in the front, will still be able to do so.

Can I still do Internet booking and self-service online?

As a passenger or business you can still see your bookings and cancel them, but the booking function will be closed until further notice.